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Plonk Patrol Rolling on a River – The Lovely Loire

Ah, to be floating down the Loire on a houseboat as the resplendent chateaux slide by,overhead, billowing clouds sail through the azure sky; disembarking at a riverside vineyard and spending an afternoon sampling the treasures of the cellar. (And then stumbling back to the houseboat a la Patsy and Edy in the AB Fab episode “France”.) The idyll ends though – […]

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Summer Wines of the Loire from Jon-David Headrick Selections

There are certain wines that are just so fitting for a particular season. Rosés from Provence, for example, bring to mind relaxed summer days.  The red, white, and rosé wines of the Loire Valley – with their crisp acidity, lighter body, and generally gentler tannins – inspire similar images. With several weeks of summer still […]

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