Welcome to WineDineWith.us

Welcome to Wine Dine With Us! Your place to share wine information, culinary experiences, local cuisine, libations, and culture. The people behind Wine Dine With Us were brought together by fate, if you believe in such a thing, when they enrolled in the wine program at Boston University’s Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center in order to broaden their nascent knowledge and passion for wine. Little did they know that their meeting in the early weeks of the first course would lead to the creation of a tasting group that continued beyond the two-year program, led to wine travels far and near, and the founding of the Wine Dine With Us blog.

Eleni loves liquids. As a long-time competitive swimmer, it used to have something to do with water. But one fateful day of wine tasting (thanks, Uncle Peter) changed all that, and she has been an aficionado of the grape ever since. A trained classical archaeologist, Eleni has traded digging in the ground to uncovering treasures in the form of exceptional wines and must-try dining experiences. Some of her favorites include lesser known/appreciated varietals, “pinks” and, thanks to Katrin and a great trip, Argentine wine. And more than just a fan, Eleni is one helluva untrained pastry chef, with specialties ranging from Puercoespin to anything found in or inspired by The Pyromaniac’s Cookbook.

Glenn, after a somewhat rebellious and aimless youth, went to culinary school, The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, and found his vocation in life. While working in the sweet kitchen of a hotel as pastry chef, he developed an interest in things fermented – those ancient foods that rely on the transformation through fermentation of raw material into a preserved food. He thought that he was living in the best of times when micro-brew beers and artisanal bread became widely available. From there, Glenn went on to explore the world of cheese. And to complement his work in cheese, he decided to study wine. He took a course at The Elizabeth Bishop Wine Resource Center at the Metropolitan College of Boston University and was hooked, completing the entire course of study offered there. Contact him at glenn@winedinewith.us.

Katrin became fascinated by wine after spending time in Argentina, where she experienced “wine culture” with family friends. Those relaxed Sunday afternoon asados, accompanied by plentiful and delicious Argentine wine, sparked a desire to learn about wine’s history, culture, creation, and economics. After exploring on her own, she discovered the wine program at Boston University. A lifelong environmentalist, Katrin has become increasingly interested in issues of sustainability in wine and food, local food production, and biodynamic and organic agriculture. When not enjoying and reviewing wine for the Wine Dine With Us blog or taking wine business courses at Sonoma State University, Katrin is a nonprofit professional, specializing in fundraising and special events. Email her at katrin@winedinewith.us.

After developing his palate and knowledge of the industry at Boston University and completing the winemaking program at the University of California, Davis, Rodney directed sales and winemaking operations at Crushpad Bordeaux and Sonoma. Rodney is now making wine and launching his own wine label in Sonoma.