Save the Date – The Taste Trekkers Food Tourism Conference

Do you travel to eat? Does a road trip exploring the Vermont Cheese Trail or taking the Vermont Brewery Challenge sound exciting? Do you take wine-cations, visiting wineries near – Conneticut, Long Island – or far – California, Europe? Are you a devotee of  “Saveur” or “The Perennial Plate” ? Do you secretly – or not so – want to run off and spend a year at The Farm School? Then read on – an event desined for you, the culinary tourist, is happening this fall in Providence RI.

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In July 2010, dining  impresario Seth Restler introduced Boston to his concept Mystery Meet at its inaugural dinner at Ten Tables in Cambridge Ma. We were there. The concept intrigued us – sign up for a dinner without knowing the location or the menu or your fellow dining companions. Diners weren’t totally in the dark: clues were posted beforehand; the restaurant-savvy or those skilled at Google search could deduce  the location. It was a great way to try new restaurants and meet up with like-minded folks from the food culture. Seth succinctly described Mystery Meet as “a flash mob AND a dinner party”. MM was a smash in Beantown. After relocating to California, Seth expanded his brand by introducing the concept to San Francisco, Seattle and Saint Louis. In addition, he added “Find Dining” podcasts to his repertoire (and website), compiling audio restaurants reviews by bloggers representing the food scene in over twenty cities. And now for Seth’s Next Big Thing – The Taste Trekkers Food Tourism Conference. This is how Seth describes the event –

“The Taste Trekkers Food Tourism Conference is the nation’s first event designed for people who plan their vacations around food. This exciting event will bring together hundreds of chefs, farmers, food bloggers, travel writers, culinary students and other passionate foodies as it showcases regional cuisines from around the country. The event will feature a cocktail reception, a tasting pavilion, a food truck court, and group dinners all around the city of Providence, Rhode Island. Matt Jennings, the celebrated chef behind Farmstead in Providence, will deliver the conference’s keynote address. The event will be held September 20-22, 2013. Find more information at”

Of course, mounting an exciting conference of this scope requires cash. Thus Seth is relying upon the kindness of friends – and strangers – to help propel this event to fruition. To this end, he has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Taste Trekker Conference. Check out the video – Taste Trekkers Kickstarter Campaign – and then kindly make a donation at the Kickstarter campaign here.

The Recap

  • WHO – chefs, farmers, food bloggers, travel writers, winemakers, beer brewers, cheese makers, foodies
  • WHAT – A conference devoted to the culinary tourist
  • WHERE – Providence RI
  • WHEN – Sept. 21-22, 2013


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