Pinot for Pints: My Beer Conversion

I have never been much of a beer drinker (a fact that led some to call into question my true German-ness).  That changed this summer, as I finally succumbed to the unabashed enthusiasm of my friend Kristen Sykes, a self-admitted beer fanatic, BABES founder, and an occasional guest blogger for Wine Dine With Us, and had a palate-changing experience at the Hyper-Local Brewfest in June.  The Brewfest was an unparalleled opportunity to sample the beers of dozens of local brewers in a range of styles and flavors, some outstanding, others not so much.

So as I have started to trade (some, not all) Pinot for pints, my favorite three of the fall have been:

Jack’s Abby Brewing Copper Legend (Octoberfest Lager) – Really well-rounded and easy drinking.  A bit malty, a bit hoppy, a touch of sweetness, and a hint of bitterness. 

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale – I first tried this on tap at Sweet Cheeks Q and fell head over heels for it. Rich, vanilla, oak, smoke, and bourbon with a slightly sweet finish, this is just utterly delicious.

Samuel Adams Latitude 48 – I love the nose on this beer. Made with a blend of hops from Germany, England, and the US, the aromas are floral and citrusy, complex and fresh.

Though I hate the dark, cold winter months, I am looking forward to trying what I discovered to be one of my favorite styles at the Brewfest: stout!




Katrin is one of the co-founders of Wine Dine With Us. She enjoys sharing her love of wine on the blog, and is particularly fond of wines from Argentine, Alto Adige, and Germany. A lifelong environmentalist, Katrin has become increasingly interested in issues of sustainability in wine and food, local food production, biodynamics, and organic agriculture. When not drinking wine and writing about it, she is a nonprofit professional, specializing in fundraising and special events.

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