Sherry Update – Barbadillo Amontillado



As the weather cools, my diet changes from white wines to red – autumn leaves yield Cote du Rhones. Likewise, I switch out the Fino sherry I so enjoy in the summer for Amontillado – fuller bodied and flavored to match the sweater weather. I’m reminded of the piece former Globe wine columnist Stephen Meuse wrote as his swan-song upon leaving the paper. In it, he mused that Sherry – once popular but now with a declining number of admirers – would never make a comeback. Realizing he was on target, I was initially saddened for revitalizing an appreciation for Sherry was once a WDWU mission. And then I saw the silver lining. Since Sherry is under-appreciated – demand minimal and the market weak –  it is undervalued, i.e. cheap. So, a “thank you” is definitely in order to all those who don’t drink Sherry thus keeping the price low for the likes of me.

Barbadillo Amontillado Sherry


Kappy’s   Wellington Circle   Medford MA

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  1. Eleni
    October 9, 2012 at 1:56 pm #

    We lack decent options for sherry which makes it hard to learn to appreciate it.  And is why I focused on sherry in London.  The post was never really finished but I waxed on about them in April.  It’s on an upswing with me!!!

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