Join Wine Dine With Us for the Revival of Mystery Meet

In our 2011 year-end series “Picks and Pans, Rants and Raves“, Katrin cited Mystery Meet as both a pick and a pan – a pick because she enjoyed attending the meet-ups very much and a pan because Mystery Meet had gone on hiatus with an uncertain future. When Seth Resler, creator of Mystery Meet, read her assessment, he was already mulling over a revival of Mystery Meet – her words providing further impetus. A successful trial run in May at Church hosted by Meesh and Jacki of Just Add Cheese, also helped to seal the deal. When he asked if we would host the  initial episode of a revived Mystery Meet, we replied, “Of course”.

Having said yes provided us with a dilemma – just what sort of Mystery Meet did we want to host? (Hosts suggest locations for the event; Seth finalizes the nitty gritty.) Since both Katrin and I have background in events, a simple prix fixe menu just wouldn’t do. There had to be a theme, a hook, some cachet. A chef whose cuisine we admire and whose numerous pop ups we’d attended was opening a restaurant. Since he was raised cooking farm-to-table and it would be September,we thought a harvest dinner at his new digs would be a great event. However, the opening of his restaurant languished – cross that idea off the list. What else was there? Australian cuisine on the East Boston waterfront? Transportation too problematic.

Since our purview at Wine Dine With Us includes both wining and dining, an idea emerged. We would enlist the aid of our occasional collaborator Kristen Sykes – founder of BABES (Boston Area Beer Enthusiasts Society) and create an  event we ourselves would want to attend. Thus, a fun, tasty and perhaps even rowdy evening awaits those fortunate enough to get tickets to this fine event.

Be sure to mark your calendar for both the date of the Mystery Meet on Tuesday, September 18 AND the dates that tickets go on sale, which is Tuesday, September 11!  We look forward to seeing many of you there!


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  1. September 4, 2012 at 10:06 am #

    Yayyy loooking forward to it!

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