“Summah Cheese + Rosé”

Summah Cheeses

 Some have a “basketball jones” while others jones for rosé. We at WineDineWithUs are of the latter sort. In fact, our colleague Eleni created the “Rosé Society” to evangelically promote this style of wine. Couple this with my extreme devotion to good cheese and the class “Summah Cheese + Rosé” at Central Bottle + Provisions was my perfect match. Conceived and hosted by cheesemonger Stephanie Santos and Liz Vilardi, resident wine guru of Central Bottle and the Blue Room, the evening’s class highlighted the affinity between “summah” cheeses and the pink stuff. (And if you’re not yet an aficiando of rosé, what are you waiting for?) All the pairings were exceptional as were both cheeses and wines. Stephanie, recently returned from the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival at bucolic Shelburne Farms, presented four winning Vermont cheeses and a strong contender from Massachusetts.  Her focus was on goat and sheep’s milk cheeses – both perfect for warm weather enjoyment. We began with fresh cheeses and progressed to cheeses that had been aged. The wines chosen by Stephanie and Liz to pair with the cheeses – after an ardous process of trial and error – were outstanding: two were vinified from indigenous and obscure Italian varietals; two from that underappreciated grape Cabernet Franc; and one that was not really a rosé but an orange wine of Pinot Gris. Cheeses and wines were extremely well matched – each being a strong supporting partner to the other.


Our cheese board

∞∞∞The Pairings∞∞∞

  • Lea’s Great Meadow” Ruggles Hill Creamery MA – an elegantly herbed bloomy rind goat’s milk – with “Ajaccio Abbatucci Faustine” 2001 Corsica
  • “Black Madonna” Sage Farm Goat Diary VT – an ashed bloomy rind goat’s milk – with Rosé de Loire Richou 2011 Loire
  • “Riley’s  Coat” Blue Ledge Farm VT – an aged goat’s milk cheese with an exceptional rind – and Etna Rosato Tenuta Terre Nere 2011 Sicily
  • “Ben Nevis” Bonnieview Farm VT – an aged sheep’s milk cheese – and Reuilly Pinot Gris Jamain 2010 Loire
  • “Mossend Blue” Bonniewview Farm VT – an outstanding American sheep’s milk blues – with Cremant de Loire Rosé Baumard Brut NV Loire

The Rose Wall at Central bottle

 If you”re passionate about cheese or still timid about pink wines, stop by Central Bottle for a taste and conversion.

Central Bottle + Provisions   196 Mass Ave   Cambridge MA

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