The Rosé Society – 2011 Lieu Dit Cocagne Coteaux de Vendômoise


Drink pink!

 Is this the wine to convert  non-believers to adherents of the Rosé Society? Made from Pineau d’Aunis, a grape grown only in the lovely Loire Valley of France, it just may be that. Though some may refer to  the varietal as “offbeat” or ” an historical oddity”, it yields wines to be seriously considered. The wine presents as pale coral with glints of copper. The nose is peppery pink grapefruit with accents of red currants, tarragon and linden. The grapefruit carries over onto the palate – the fruit followed by a burst of acidity. The wine finishes and lingers –  all citrusy and tart. The mouthfeel is minerally soft and round. All in all, most suitable for leisurely quaffing or matching with summer salads, grilled shrimp or chicken. And for those leery of wines made by cooperatives, this wonderful rosé allays those doubts. And if you’re wondering about my effusiveness, this is one of my favorite all-time wines. When I wrote about this wine last year, I mused whether it had a cult following. If it does, Lieu Dit Cocagne deserves more warranted attention – a Facebook page is in order.

2011 Lieu Dit Cocagne Coteaux de Vendômoise

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