The Rosé Society – 2011 Laurent Miquel Père et Fils Cinsault Syrah Pays d’Oc

2011 Laurent Miquel Père et Fils Cinsault Syrah Pays d'Oc

For the Rosé Society, this is the time of year to which we look forward. The rosés from the previous vintage are now being released, making their way to our local wine shops’ shelves. For the most part – and there are exceptions – rosés should be drunk within a year following their release. In a way similar to Beaujolais Nouveau but so much better – and classier – rosés are meant to be drunk young.

One of the highlights of L’Adventure Languedoc which we attended at the Boston Conference Center in early April was the abundance of just released rosés. When I realized that the “Père et Fils” was from Languedoc and produced by the young winemaker Laurent Miquel, into my cart  it went. Incidentally, the labelling on the bottle would have been inconceiveable in France five years ago: the varietals, Cinsault and Syrah, are boldly proclaimed. In order to compete in the world wine market and, in accordance with European Union classification initiatives, the French system was overhauled; varietals and location where the grapes were grown can now be displayed on wine labels.

The wine is wonderfully fresh with a very definite zip. The aroma is one of ripe red berries. The juicy fruit carries through onto the palate. There is a pleasant softness to the mouthfeel followed by a good dose of acidity. The fruit follows through to the end – and with the acidity – makes for a lovely finish. The result is fruit forward and refreshing, suitable for both quaffing and pairing with food.

A good choice for Mothers’ Day – the low alcohol level of 12.5% ensures that the old lady – I mean your mother – won’t get too unruly.

$9.99 on sale at

Whole Foods Market   340 River St.   Camb. MA

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