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Fast food perfection

Could I sell this on Ebay?

 The folks at Franklin Cafe know how to do things right – renovating a gas station into burger heaven. Though the name may imply some mayhem – ask about the art work by the door – all is peace and love at this outstanding burger emporium. While the focus is on burgers, salads and dogs are available as well as vegetarian and vegan options. Wine is available by the glass or bottle though beer is featured with eight draughts and over thirty selections in cans. The burgers are nicely sized at 1/3 lb. and come in twelve iterations. Since this is essentially fast food, all burgers are cooked to medium though the squeamish may ask for well done. After evaluating all the different burger option, I was finally able to choose. The menu describes my choice thusly –
MUSHROOM  sautéed mushrooms, cheese, Tasty 17 steak sauce  $5.50
To pair with my burger, I chose Troegs signature amber ale Hopback. And this is how it went down –


 Honestly, this was fast food perfection. The meat, frshly ground, was flavorful and juicy, cooked exactly to the specified medium. The tasty sauteed mushrooms and the Gorgonzola – my choice of cheese – packed a umami punch which equals great flavor. The housemade Tasty 17 Steak Sauce, slightly sweet, contrasted nicely with the blue cheese funk. And the soft sesame seeded roll stood up to all the juicy components of the burger. Frankly, I could find no fault with this burger.

Overall Assesment – Two Thumbs Up!

Deep-fried happiness

Attention should be called to the superior onion rings. We decided to order the “50/50” – half rings, half fries. Our server, sensing our love of onion rings, suggested we skew our order to 75/25 with the rings predominant. We were glad she did. Thinly sliced, nicely breaded – breaded to order in fact –  crispy and sweet, the onion rings were pure deep-fried happiness. The fries – which I’d characterize as “frites”, thin and crisp – were fine but outclassed by the onion rings.


Tasty Burger   1301 Boylston St.   Boston MA


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