The Burger Chronicles Goes Upscale with the Bristol Lounge’s Eponymous Burger

I was delighted to say yes when Glenn asked me if I wanted to do a guest post for his “The Burger Chronicles” series.  While the revelation that “pink slime” is an ingredient in many ground beef products has severely reduced my desire for burgers, Glenn assured me that the Bristol Lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel would be a safe bet. After all, they are known for grinding their own meat. And at $21, one should not expect any less!

I was actually happy that my lunch had been a light mesclun salad and that I had the appetite to indulge in this generously-sized burger with fries. The presentation is wonderful – on one side is the open burger with ample cheese melted over the top and on the other is leafy Boston lettuce and fresh red tomato.  The other half of the plate was taken up with truffled shoe string French fries with parmesan cheese. The combination of the aromas from the truffle and the burger enticed me to dive right in.

Menu Description
The Bristol Burger, Char-Grilled, Vermont Cheddar Cheese, House-Made Pickles, Truffle French Fries


  • Juicy, well-seasoned meat.
  • Cheddar cheese added a perfect hint of sharpness.
  • Fresh lettuce and tomato. Often the former is wilted and the latter, particularly out of season, is mealy. That’s not the case here.
  • The most incredible fries ever. Sometimes when a menu items says “truffle” the actual dish seems to have been merely grazed by truffle oil. The Bristol Lounge’s fries have a deep truffle flavor, accented by finely shredded parmesan cheese.
  • The most civilized settings in which to enjoy a burger in Boston, accompanied by world class service.


  • I had ordered the burger medium. It was not nearly the right temperature.  I would guess it was medium-rare at best.
  • The top of the bun held up well, but the bottom, pardon the expression, fell out.  The bottom became soggy quite quickly, which was not helped by the juiciness of the medium rare meat.

Overall rating: A-
The temperature and bun issues might have resulted in a lower rating, perhaps a B+ or even a B, but the flavor and the awesome fries lifted my overall assessment. This is a very satisfying meal. I definitely see myself returning for the Bristol Burger, but when I do, I’ll be very specific about the temperature.

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