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The Herd burger

"Home, home on the range....."

The occasion – a very belated birthday celebration. The question – where would I like to dine? Since we would be in Harvard Square and, really, what better way to celebrate the slog through another year than with a burger, I honed in on burger-centric restos. And since there was a new gastro-pub in Harvard Square  and since I’m a fan of pub grub, First Printer was my choice. To get me in the birthday mood, I began with the Hanky Panky – gin, sweet vermount and Fernet Branca – from the imaginative cocktail menu. I was intrigued by “The Herd”, a buffalo burger. Frankly, I don’t eat much buffalo:  the last time I had a buffalo burger was in Boulder Colorado in 2004. Time to renew my aquaintance with the beast. The menu described the burger so –

The Herd

fresh ground buffalo, grilled red onion, tossed greens, aioli, Yancey’s wasabi horseradish cheddar, focaccia


To commenorate my time in Boulder, I ordered – from the extensive beer list of ten taps and twenty-four plus bottles and cans – an India Pale Ale from Boulder’s own Avery Brewing. And this is how it went down –



  • Even though not as tasty as beef, the buffalo burger was flavorful, juicy and well seasoned.
  • The onions, more caralelized than grilled, were quite tasty.
  • The dressed greens – green and red leaf lettuces tossed with a balsamic dressing – added to the pleasurable flavor profile and essentially constituted a mini salad atop the burger.
  • The focaccia stood up well to the burger, however…..
  • The side I chose to accompany my burger was the house-made potato chips which were exemplary – perfectly cooked and crispy!
  • Value – Imagine, a tasty and generously sized burger with a side for $10 in Harvard Square. Impressive!


  • Temperature – I ordered the burger “medium rare”; however, it arrived “medium”.
  • The cheese, which by its description would pack a punch, was lost in the mix.
  • And as for that sturdy roll, it veered toward the industrial in taste.


I enjoyed First Printer very much – good grub and libations.  The patrons an interesting mix of assorted Cantabridgians, representatives from the “10,000 Men (and women) of Harvard” and those on family date night – undergrads out to dinner with the parents.

Herrell’s no more

15 Dunster St.   Cambridge MA

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