Wine Review: 2009 Weingut Josef Leitz “Leitz Out” Riesling (Rheingau, Germany)

Another clever wine name from winemaker Johannes Leitz of Weingut Josef Leitz.  His “Eins, Zwei, Dry” Riesling, which I reviewed earlier this year, was one of my favorite wines this year. Whereas the “Eins, Zwei, Dry” was dominated by apple and citrus, “Leitz Out” has lots of stone fruit – imagine ripe peaches and nectarines at the peak of summer. Add to that some lime, petrol, and slate and you have a terrific Riesling. Rich, ripe, and nearly full-bodied, the texture is a study of contrasts – soft lanolin and citrusy acidity.  The lime and petrol are central to the clean, lingering, and slightly bitter finish. Though I think this is a wonderful wine, especially for the price, I would have preferred it to be a bit drier. But then again, there’s “Eins, Zwei, Dry” for that.

At Marty’s Fine Wine for $11.99.

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  1. BenH
    August 4, 2012 at 2:53 pm #

    There is a reason this wine is so cleverly named.  If you dare have a bottle just to yourself, it is, ‘Lights Out’ for you… =)

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