Picks and Pans, Rants and Raves #3 – Wine Dinners

Part of a series looking back at the best – and occasionally the worst – of 2011

Early in our association at Boston University’s wine school, we of WDWU, at the suggestion of our instructor Bill Nesto, formed a tasting group to hone our tasting skills. Educational – and fun – as this was, we further sought to enhance our wine knowledge by frequently attending wine dinners. (The origin of our site’s name now becomes apparent.) Some were memorable and some were not. Over time, though, we went on to other wine-related pursuits and our attendance at wine dinners ceased. However, in 2011, Katrin and myself revived our interest in these wine and dine events and attended several. Today’s installment in our year end round up features a pick and a pan of these occasions.

My pick – the Wine Stains dinner at Journeyman, “Highs and Lows with Mr. Hill”. Journeyman is a unique restaurant and, accordingly, so was this dinner. To complement the exquite food of the duo in the kitchen – Diana Kudajavora and Tse Wei Lim –  beverage consultant Seth Hill concocted an amazing pairing menu of Vermouths, beers, “white” red wines and “red” white wines and lovely sweet sparklers. If only all wine dinners could be so adventurous and good.

My pan -the Argentine Wine Monday at L’Espalier. This dinner – part of the Wine Mondays series at L’Espalier – comes with a caveat emptor. In hindsight, we were naive in thinking that $65 would get us a wonderful experience at one of Boston’s luxe restaurants. It didn’t. Lacklustre mass-produced wines and  unevenly executed courses did not make for a memorable evening. At least the cheese course was top notch, sullied, though, by the wine that accompanied it.

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