Beer Buzz – “Tumbler” Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Tumbler – seasonal brown ale from Sierra Nevada

I first enjoyed this ale at The Salty Pig – it was a good accompaniment to the various “salty pig parts” I savored that night. In addition, the evening was damp and rainy; the ale providing a prelude to the coming fall. I knew I would have more of “Tumbler” and now with fall fully arrived – for me – it’s this season’s ale of choice. “Tumbler” is brewed by Sierra Nevada, one of the original American craft brewers. a brewery which has enjoyed a longevity not always witnessed in the craft beer sector. And – let me add – not only enduring but creating enduring ales – Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale is a New American classic. “Tumbler” is the brewery’s fall seasonal ale. In contrast to all the hoppiness usually associated with summer, this brew is long on freshly roasted malt, hops playing a supporting role. The ale is dark brown with mahogany highlights and pours with a fine creamy head that quickly dissipates. In the mouth, all is malty smoothness, richness and chocolate. The hops appear at the end – the ale finishing with a bit of bitterness, adding interest to the flavor profile. The carbonation is not overwhelming but subdued and discreet. This is the brew to enjoy while watching the leaves fall.

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Available at Kappy’s, Wellington Circle, Medford MA

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