Wine of the Week: 2009 Le G De Chateau Guiraud Bordeaux Blanc Sec

Chateau Guiraud is better known for producing Sauternes, the highly-prized, Botrytis-blessed sweet wine. While Le G is anything but sweet, this blend of 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Sémillon is a fantastic example of a dry, white Bordeaux that is perfectly suited for a range of foods. The nose is bright and brings to mind one of Sauvignon Blanc’s classic descriptors – gooseberry – as well as a bouquet of herbs. The color green comes to mind, not because it is unripe, but because herbs and gooseberries elucidate an image of bright green.  The palate is full of grapefruit and herbs, with some faint honey notes. Though I had braced myself for an intensely acidic mouthfeel, Le G has only medium acidity – the acidity off-set, no doubt, by the addition of Sémillon, a bit of age, and the fact that the wine was aged for six months on its lees. Le G finishes with some bitterness and a lasting white grapefruit and herb impression.

At Wine Library for $15.98.

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