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Summer of Lager in my grandfather's Pabst Blue Ribbon pilsner

My traditional  house beer for the summer had been Allagash “White” –  light, beautifully seasoned and spiced.  At one point, though, I was a devotee of IPAs. When the IBUs of many of these brews went around the corner, I realized  I wasn’t a ” hop head” – for me, drinking beer shouldn’t be a he-man competition of bitterness endurance. That being said, I do have a fondness for Berkshire Brewing “Lost Sailor IPA”, the name itself evoking The Waterboys’ transcendent “Fisherman’s Blues”. For me, “Lost Sailor” isn’t as “arch”  as most IPAs – it measures in at 40 IBUs. Recently, I’ve discovered a new brew that will see me through this summer, “Summer of Lager” from Cisco Brewers. The text on the label states “The Summer of  Love was fun they say”. “They say”??? Well I say – speaking as a participant of that heady time – that it most definitely was fun. The beer is a “classic Bavarian-style lager” – it was brewed last fall, aged throughout the winter and released in early summer. In the glass, dusky copper, hazy with a finger-width finely structured head. In the nose, malty sweetness with floral overtones, sweet citrus. On the palate, smooth and creamy mouthfeel; a restrained balance between  malt and hops. The beer finishes with a pleasantly mild bitterness. At the moment when the ever-increasing alcohol level of many wines is a matter of concern and discussion, this lager checks in at 5.6% ABV. You can drink several and not be stupid. Randy Moser in Tasting Beer has accused American brewers of being too timid by creating lagers that are too traditional. If this be too traditional, I can drink to that. I  may not be able to relive the Summer of Love but I certainly can and will enjoy the “Summer of Lager”.

Available at

Kappy’s, Wellington Circle, Medford MA



All done up in hippie purple

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