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GLENN – Accompanied by a soundtrack that was an homage to 90s grunge, this Mystery Meet was gustatory, lively, communal and increasingly boisterous as the evening progressed. (The cocktails did flow.) In short, it was everything a pig roast should be. When Katrin and I decided we would host a Mystery Meet, we wanted a signature event. When we learned, even before its opening, that Citizen Public House would be offering a pig roast, we knew we had found a venue for our unique dining experience. Trying to schedule the event around the Red Sox home schedule took some doing, but Seth Resler, Mystery Meet impresario, was finally able to secure a date. So on May 10th, a group of adventurous food lovers sat at table for this most earthy and celebratory of feasts. 

KATRIN – I’m surprised (and disappointed) that the soundtrack did not include Nine Inch Nails’ contemporaneous “Piggy.”  The lyrics (“Hey pig. Yeah, you. Hey pig piggy pig pig pig… ) rattled around in my brain all through dinner and even the next day. 

GLENN – I must admit that attending a pig roast had not been part of my culinary CV. This was my first and I was impressed with the food and the way in which it was presented. We started with shellfish and then out came the pig – whole and uncarved. Oohs and  ahs and much picture taking ensued. The pig was then whisked away. 

KATRIN – Ray, who was seated at our end of the table, suggested that a name would be appropriate for our pig.  He was thinking Frank, but to me he looked more like Thomas.   

GLENN – The sides arrived and the pig reappeared – carved up and ready to be feasted upon. And feast we did!  After a while, the food was cleared and the head was served along with the kidneys. And as R. Crumb once observed, “The head’s always best.” And, yes, pork brain does taste like paté. And since Citizen is a hip kind of place, they have that “love-it-or-hate-it” Italian digestif, Fernet Branca, on tap. Though the taste has been unkindly described as “black licorice-flavored Listerine”, many of these adventurous Mystery Meeters finished the meal with a shot to their good health. 

KATRIN – A couple of guests commented that while the cocktails were imaginative and the whiskey list comprehensive, the wine list – particularly those served by the glass or half-carafe – was short and limited. While I agree that it could be more extensive, both Glenn and I found interesting selections. We started with the crisp and fruity Miner Family Vineyards Rosato, a rose of Sangiovese. With dinner we both chose a glass of Robert Foley Charbono. Charbono is thought to be the California name for Argentina’s popular Bonarda varietal. 


GLENN – My two parting shots. First, as someone who lives for his palate, I always appreciate the excellence of a dish and the blue cheese brioche pudding just stopped me cold – I became positively meditative as I savored each extremely rich mouthful. And secondly, Ryan, our server, was outstanding. He functioned not only as our capable server, but also as our gracious emcee for the evening. 


KATRIN – Waitstaff can sometimes make or break an evening out. And we were lucky to have Ryan as our server again on this visit.  He is both laid-back and very attentive to details and the needs of the group. So, thanks, Ryan, and everyone at Citizen for making this a culinary delight. And of course, many thanks to Seth for organizing from afar! It may sound self-serving, but I really do think that this was one of the best Mystery Meets yet! 

See more photos from the pig roast on our Facebook page. 

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  1. Nathan
    May 21, 2011 at 2:16 am #

    Thanks for hosting! Nice write-up. Maybe you could add a round-up of the other bloggers' posts when they turn up?

    • Glenn
      May 21, 2011 at 2:19 pm #

      Glad you were there! The other bloggers' posts can be accessed at http://www.mysterymeet,org. Incidentally, they enjoyed it as much as we did.


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