How We Came to Choose ——- —— —– for a Mystery Meet

Katrin still doesn’t know how she got on the mailing list for the initial Mystery Meet in August 2010, but the idea intrigued her and she forwarded the email to me. Since we both have an interest in what is termed “alternate dining experiences”, the idea, hatched by the inimitable Seth Resler, intrigued us and we signed up. That first coordinated meet-up at Ten Tables in Cambridge had us hooked and we’ve attended several Mystery Meets since then.

When Seth floated the idea that he’d like food bloggers to host a Mystery Meet, we were initially a bit hesitant  – we wanted something different, but what? – and then events just unfolded. Katrin lives in the shadow of the historic park of clue #2. In the past several years, the neighborhood has been revitalized. Apartments, condos, retail, restaurants – the area has been uplifted. And a culinary addition last year had her excited. The new venue was part of a small chain and we’d dined at several of the member locations.  On one memorable evening, we – the combined forces of WineDineWithUs – slowly and deliberately made our way through the cocktail menu of the flagship restaurant. When the new location opened, we realized they offered something unique to the Boston dining scene – see clue #3. It was a dining adventure we wanted to endorse – so we decided to host a Mystery Meet there.

The price is higher than the typical Mystery Meet and the time a bit later but we decided we’d go ” whole hog”  – see clue #5 – on this one and  host. Hope to see you May 10th at——- —— —– for a unique and adventurous experience. Tickets go on sale today at noon on eventbrite. Kindly click here to purchase tickets.

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