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Happy Spring

 During the dark winter, I’d spent time with the mad monk – Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout from North Coast Brewing Co.. It was now time to embrace the light and break out my special vernal pint glass. Once upon a time and long ago, in the nascent days of the microbrew revolution. Otter Creek Brewing of Middlebury VT. offered a seasonal brew, Mud Bock Spring Ale. I looked forward to its release each spring. During one visit to the brewery, I purchased a commemorative glass. Even though the brewery no longer offers this ale, I still bring out the glass every spring to remember and honor those early days.  


My Commenorative Glass - Front

My Commemorative Glass - Back







 To fill the glass, I was looking for beers that would bridge the transition from winter to summer – spring being more of a concept in New England than an actuality. Not too malty, not too hoppy and with a hearty ABV. i.e. alcohol by volume. My discoveries were “Glissade”  from Sierra Nevada Brewing and “Fluffy White Rabbits” from Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project, two different styles but both appropriate for the season.

  • “Glissade” is termed a Golden Bock by the brewery. Originally brewed as a dark beer, bock now comes in a full spectrum of colors from pale gold to dark brown. Often brewed for special occasions including Easter, “Bock” refers to a billy goat, truly a symbol of rampant spring. This version, “Glissade”,  is a beautiful deep gold whose salient feature is its mellowness. There’s a  balance between  mild maltiness – sweetness – and mild hoppiness – bitterness. Too further the mellowness, the brew is lightly carbonated. The beer drinks quite smoothly. ABV – 6.4%.
  • “Fluffy White Rabbits”, brewed in the style of a strong pale ale, is termed a “hoppy triple” by the brewery. Belgian tripel-style brews are a relatively recent addition to the brewer’s repertoire. Tripel refers to  an alcohol level higher than typical brews. In the case of “Fluffy White Rabbits”, that is 8.5% ABV. Pale gold in color, though hazy with yeast, on the nose a bit of banana and honey; on the palate, sweeter than “Glissade” but with a good dose of hoppy bitterness. Moderately carbonated, there is a constant upwelling of tiny bubbles.  

A close-up of the label is a must-see. Here a wagon-load of fluffy white rabbits  going down the bunny trail; bunnies, like goats, indeed a certain sign of spring.

All Aboard!
All Aboard!

 Both brews are widely available at well-stocked package stores and wine shops.

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