Making a List: What not to miss at the Boston Wine Expo

It’s the eve of the 20th Annual Boston Wine Expo, also known as the highlight of my winter for the past several years. Yes, there are many reasons not to like the Wine Expo and to avoid it altogether, not the least of which are the crowds, the lines, and the drunks calling out to the representatives to pour them “the most expensive wine on the table.” But for me, the generally positive experience has always outweighed all the negatives. After all, where else can you taste wines from around the world, meet some winemakers, revel with friends and strangers, indulge in a wonderfully random assortment of food samples, and check out the latest wine gadgets that you probably don’t need.

These regions are at the top of my list:

Wines of Argentina – My obsession and fascination, and always my first stop at the Expo! This year I am looking forward to tasting wines from some of my favorite wineries like Zuccardi, Luigi Bosca, and Alta Vista, as well as ones that are new to me, including Carelli, DiamAndes, Novus Ordo, and Huarpe.

Loire Valley Wines – We at Wine Dine With US love wines from the Loire and enjoyed our opportunities to write about the Jon-David Headrick Selection tasting at Brix, as well as the event sponsored by the Loire Valley Wine Bureau in 2010.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape – Always a favorite… for all judging by the lines!

The Greek Section – Despite having tasted many of the Greek wines offered each year at the Expo and having listened to the reps explain the wines, I still struggle to remember all of the different grape names, styles, and producers.  Sorry, Eleni!  My goal is to finally commit some of this information to memory. My confusion helps me to understand why German wines, with their Gothic labels and complex classifications and place names, are difficult to grasp.

The Germans – One of my developing interests is red wines from Germany. I’m hoping to try some this weekend, or at least some great Rieslings.

Local Wines – Of course, I will have to stop by the local wineries, which in past years has included West port Rivers, Travessia, and Running Brook. New York wineries, especially those on Long Island, are sort of local, too, right?

Hope to see you there!

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Katrin is one of the co-founders of Wine Dine With Us. She enjoys sharing her love of wine on the blog, and is particularly fond of wines from Argentine, Alto Adige, and Germany. A lifelong environmentalist, Katrin has become increasingly interested in issues of sustainability in wine and food, local food production, biodynamics, and organic agriculture. When not drinking wine and writing about it, she is a nonprofit professional, specializing in fundraising and special events.

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