Campari Calling: Anno 1960


I’m not sure why this drink isn’t called “Anno MCMLX” but I could be easily be accused of overusing Latin in these posts.

The Anno 1960 is a martini-style Campari-based drink. Even though I prefer ice-based drinks, I delighted in making it because I forgot how much I like my martini glasses and I need to branch out sometimes (hence my argument for starting Try Something New Night). But I felt a bit disappointed when I looked at the finished product; it resembled a Cosmopolitan and all the associations that come with them.

Nonplussed I toasted the sky (note to self: you need a signature toast); after all, it was either that or the cat, and took my first sip.

And I was torn.

I wanted to like it but I felt that if I were to go for a martini-style drink I would just stick with a vodka martini. Because that’s basically what it is…but with a wee surprise on the palate compliments of the Campari.

Recipe source: Bon Appetit February 2005.

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