The Ineluctable Pursuit

Sloe Gin Fizz

Like Sisyphus rolling the rock up the hill eternally, my quest for a signature drink feels as futile.

Sure, it’s easy to like Manhattans (they are my father’s drink, too – see Glenn’s 3/23/10 entry), Martinis, and Margaritas, but a signature drink has to be more than that. For me it has to be a little bit different. But only a little bit. It has to be something you can get in pretty much any establishment. Unfortunately I’m a bit eclectic and even a bit too retro for my own good.

For instance, should I have my druthers, I would choose a good sloe gin fizz. That’s the catch. Not many people can make one. The scene of my first one takes place more than fifteen years ago. The setting: an outdoor patio in sunny California. The venue, albeit surprising, is immortalized in my head: Kevin Costner’s new restaurant in Pasadena, Twin Palms (now closed). For a cheesy but accurate description click here.

The only other bartender to come close worked at Harvard Gardens and he eventually lost his touch (and left for Landsdowne Street). Fortunately I was able to concoct an adequate imitation thus empowering myself to make them at will.

My other close call was Campari and freshly squeezed orange juice. While this worked when I was visiting or living in Greece, it remains quite unreachable in the United States. I’m not sure what it is about Mediterranean oranges, tomatoes, and eggs, but the ones we find here generally can’t compare. Since freshly squeezed juice just isn’t a menu staple, I’m working on an accessible variation. For Campari-specific trials see “Campari Calling” leads.

And we read about the Campari Orange Spritzer in Katrin and Rodney’s entry last weekend. Kudos for drinking Campari but this, too, is not my signature drink.

So my peregrinations continue. Stay tuned…

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