In My Glass: Fall Pinot Noirs from Germany’s Pfalz and Rheinhessen Regions

No other varietal evokes autumn with its bright skies, colorful foliage, brisk days, and crunchy earthiness like Pinot Noir. Quite simply, it is simply fall in a glass. No doubt, ...

Spencer Trappist Ale – The First American-made Trappist Ale

If the buzz over the past few weeks is any indication, the inaugural release of the first and only Trappist ale made in the United States is tantamount to, well, ...

My Shortest Wine Review Yet! 2012 Charles & Charles Chardonnay

2012 Charles & Charles Chardonnay Washington State In short: undrinkable. Watch it Going Down the Drain… Purchased at Table & Vine for $11.99.


In My Glass: El Malbec 2006 de Ricardo Santos (Mendoza)

It’s been so long now, that I cannot remember how Eleni and ...

Highlights of the 2014 Boston Wine Expo

Boston Wine Expo does it again: another great day of wine tasting, ...

Glasshaus Wines – A Community Supported Winery

    Are you a supporter of local agriculture? Do you have ...

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A Twist on Nigella’s “Pomegranate Christmas Cocktail” with Pink Vermouth

The recipe for Nigella Lawson’s “Pomegranate Christmas Cocktail” that Glenn posted earlier in the week had me daydreaming about the light, festive drink and as soon as I had a chance, I dashed out and replenished my supply of Martini & Rossi’s Rosato Vermouth. I felt, though, that there was a way to take the […]

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In My Glass: Tierra de Léon’s Prieto Picudo Shines

Though it is nearly impossible to know and taste all of the grape varietals grown in Spain – there are, after all, several hundred types of grapes being cultivated there today – there is one that every rosé lover needs to know: Prieto Picudo. I recently compared two Prieto Picudo rosés: Tampesta Rosé and Rubus […]

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Holiday Cocktails with Martini’s Rosso Pink Vermouth

Unquestionably, our favorite holiday cocktails last year were ones based on Martini’s Rosso Vermouth.  While Glenn enjoyed this pink Vermouth chilled, on the rocks during the summer months, I felt that the Rosso’s spicy aromas and flavors – particularly those of cinnamon and clove – make it a natural for festive Christmas-time libations. Chef Nigella […]

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In My Glass: 2001 Pugliese Vineyards Riesling (North Fork, Long Island)

I don’t consider myself to be overly sentimental, but sentimentality is the only way I can explain how I managed to keep a bottle of Pugliese Vineyards’ 2001 Riesling. It was the last bottle of a case that my father, who passed away several years ago, and I brought back from a quick trip to […]

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A Battle Between Wine and Beer? Not Here…

Even though we – the four founders of the Wine Dine With Us blog – met while studying wine at Boston University, we all have an abiding affection for beer. It has never been a case of “either or” but rather a question of which wonderful beverage complements the meal or suits the occasion better. […]

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Beyond Malbec: 2011 Bodegas Escorihuela Gascón Colosal

I braced myself as I poured the 2011 Don Miguel Gascón Colosal red blend for the first time. Colossal: the name suggests enormous, immense, powerful. Would this be a tannic monster of a wine? Will my teeth be stained purple permanently? Would it need to sit and breathe for hours before being drinkable? Not at […]

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Getting Down to Basics: Wine 101 Infographic

Ah, where would we be without the now ever-present infographic to explain and clarify our world? The fine folks at Tiziano Wine recently reached out to me to share this clever “Wine 101” infographic. It includes some handy trivia like the Top 10 Wine Producing Countries and tips such as Ideal Serving Temperatures for different […]

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In My Glass: 2010 Fischer Sauvignon Blanc (Baden, Germany)

It is not often that one finds German Sauvignon Blanc on US wine store shelves. In fact, as recently as 1995, Germany did not grow any Sauvignon Blanc. According to the Deutsches Weininstitut’s annual report, a mere 0.5% of Germany’s vineyards – a grand total of 581 hectares – were planted with Sauvignon Blanc in […]

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Beyond Malbec: 2007 Bodega Sottano Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

Bodega Sottano is a relatively new winery based in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.  The winery focuses their efforts on Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon and has a fairly small production of less than 60,000 cases per year. In the glass, the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva was a deep, saturated, fresh-looking purple. The nose was complex and […]

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Holy Grail or Gimmick – The Coravin Wine Access System

The Coravin Wine Access System is simply put either the Holy Grail of wine conservation or just another gimmick. Created by Greg Lambrecht, an inventor of medical devices, the Coravin allows wine to be accessed and served without introducing oxygen into the bottle. Oxygen is both boon to and bane of wine. Oxygen can be essential in the […]

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In My Glass: Château La Tour Grise ZEC Rosé

The Château La Tour Grise ZEC Rosé undoubtedly will be one of the most memorable rosés – if not the most memorable – I enjoyed during the summer of 2013. Made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes, which are certified biodynamic and organic, the ZEC is both evocative and delicious. We enjoyed the wine over two evenings. […]

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